On Sunday, 28.11.21, a team from Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal, visited the Oinam Hill Village, Senapati Dist., and distributed 150 Fleece blankets & 150 trousers to 300 villagers as part of its ongoing winter relief services. Oinam Hill Village is around 114 Kms from Imphal and is inhabited by Poumai Nagas.

Also, 40 boys & 55 girls, staying in 2 hostels, supported by the villagers for their education at the Govt. High School, were provided with clothings. A Trouser each for boys and a set of a trouser & a shirt each, for the girls.

Earlier, the MO Incharge of PHC, Oinam Hill Village, organized a dedication ceremony for the newly acquired medical equipment and, along with the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Senapati Dist., and local church leaders, had also invited the Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal, to participate in the programme, as a mark of gratitude for facilitating in getting these much-needed equipment, namely, Suction machine, Phototherapy unit, 5 Para monitor & Radiant warmer.

The PHC, Oinam Hills, serves 33 remote villages, catering to the medical needs of more than 30,000 villagers. 5 blankets were also given to the PHC for emergency use, as and when needed, by the patients or those accompanying them.

The Village Chief presented a basket full of locally grown Kiwi fruits and a clay pot, made in traditional & indigenous pottery style, unique to the ‘Poumai Nagas’ of the Oinam Hill, that can only be practiced by the native women folk, thus, the art is restricted to the Oinam Hill Village only.

The Village Chief, along with village elders & other villagers, expressed their sincere & heartfelt thanks to the Ramakrishna Mission for its services.